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Employee Benefits

For any business, a group health plan is a significant expense. However, to provide one is a necessity to attract and hold on to high-quality, productive employees and reduce employee turnover, which drains resources in a variety of ways. Since you see the value in providing a plan, you will also want to be certain that the plan being offered is the best, most efficient way of delivering top-notch healthcare to your employees.

Eric Felgenhauer and Steve Orlando have the product knowledge that will help reduce your costs AND improve the quality of your plan! We merely ask for the opportunity to briefly meet with you, so we can analyze your current program and make suggestions from there.

Our employee benefits cover:

Group Health Insurance
Group Dental Insurance
Group Vision Insurance
Group Life Insurnace
Group Disability Insurance

We also provide individual health and dental benefits.  Please call our agency for a quote, or quote yourself here: 

We thank you for considering our agency as a possible provider of your insurance and we look forward to working with you.