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Frequently Asked Auto Insurance Questions

Will my insurance cover me if I rent a car on vacation?
If you are vacationing within the United States, your liability will automatically extend to the private passenger vehicle you rent. If your present policy carries comprehensive and collision, also known as physical damage, you will not need to purchase the additional coverage.
Is anyone insured to drive my car?
As long as the driver has a valid license and has been given your permission, they will be covered in the event of an accident. Keep in mind that any drivers that reside with you or have frequent access to your vehicles should be listed on your policy.  
I don’t drive my Corvette (Porsche, Mustang, etc) in the winter. Is there anything I can do to save on premium?
If you are storing your vehicle in an enclosed structure for the winter months, consider putting your car in “Storage”. Coverage is stripped of liability, medical, and collision coverage. Only comprehensive protection remains. This will greatly reduce the premium. Just remember that the liability will need to be re-added before you begin cruising in the Spring!
How much liability coverage do I really need?
Our school of thought is that you want to make your insurance company a better target in a lawsuit than yourself. Therefore, add up the equity in your home, savings, 401K/retirement and any assets you can liquidate. Your insurance coverage should exceed this number.   
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